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There are traumatic circumstances that happen to some at a pivotal time in their young life that starts the ticking of terrible thoughts just waiting to be triggered into horrific actions, which the reader experiences in my crime suspense thriller, Cemetery Woods.

Set in Texas during the spring of 1968, Cemetery Woods entails a three week period where unintended circumstances bring a canny, determined serial killer, Jimmy Roland, into the lives of two brothers, their parents, and two troubled 18 year old boys . . . in his compulsive goal to seek deadly revenge against two men for what they did to him when the three of them were teenagers...

And by the "game" that he has perfected with lethal results!

Side Note... I also hope you find Cemetery Woods ... a thought provoking reminder of the unforgiving acts that might be prevented if individuals like Jimmy Roland ... had a much different childhood with a loving, positive reinforcing family environment.

David G. Bancroft

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