A Mother

She nurtures the growing life in her womb,
Endures the hardship of her child’s birth,
Cradles the new born securely upon first breath,
Lovingly caresses the little one with a soothing voice,
Softly kisses all the little hurts,
Gladly reads all those children’s stories,
Takes her precious to see the animals at the zoo,
Tirelessly cleans up after the playful one’s messes,
Tearfully misses the five year old on the first day of school,
Hugs and kisses on good deeds done,
Scolds with silent guilt when correcting wrongs,
Courageously survives her teenager’s acts,
Smiles and cries when watching her grown child wed,
Spoils grandchildren with unyielding love,
Never stops being what she has always been…
Sweet and one of a kind ... a mother!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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