A Dad's Love

My dear child,
the look in your eyes
reminds me of when
I was once your age
and realized
that the older one's
love was deep and unyielding
as mine is for you.

And for most of us
that is so very true
as we become women and men
and are blessed with children too,
seeing the man we call Dad
in a completely different light.

We understand the why
behind those times
when Dad did what he did,
said what he said,
and then doing it again...
bearing his role of being Dad,
even sadly accepting childish scorn.

It was always about love
and trying to do what was best
for the now and many tomorrows.
Nor does his role change
as being Dad once we leave the nest...
as he is still there with his love,
even sometimes being the Dad
when we were little;
but always out of love and care
for his little ones and theirs too.



David G. Bancroft
Copyright June 2005
All Rights Reserved

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