A Fervent Love

A fervent love
for Thee
and my great country
is strongly felt
when singing, "Oh, say can you see..."
as I gaze up at Old Glory
with her red, white, and blue
waving proudly above.

And the tears begin to stream
knowing that I am living freedom's dream,
because You
have been there
with Your divine care
from America's birth to today,
helping Her find the way
to keep Her course true,
through all Her internal and external strife
that could easily have changed Her way of life.

Dear God,
I pray to You
to continue to do
the same for America,
so that She will always be...
a diverse united community,
a place of hope and opportunity,
a helping hand to those in misery,
a loud voice against tyranny,
the defender of human rights and liberty,
the land of the free,
the home of the brave,
and one nation under You!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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