Always Mom

Hearing the sweet loving voice from within and now,
Seeing the glow from her protective eyes,
Comforted and assured with that wondrous smile,
Savoring her warm supportive hugs,

Always enjoying her lipstick kisses,
The tender touch to clean a scrape,
Being there day and night when you were sick,
Knowing she knew without telling you,

Wincing at her honest truths,
Making you laugh when you were angry,
Heart warming times too many to count,
Her absolute pride in you for just trying,

The tears running down her face as you wed,
The sadness felt as you left her nest,
The wonderful embrace after a long absence from sight,
Beaming delight shown with all your newborns,

Spoiling grandchildren like no other one can,
Worrying over her as the years go by,
Caring for her as she did for you,
Praying that her days never end,

Realizing who she really is,
God’s gift to you and all,
Dedication and total love for her,
Knowing that she will always be … MOM!



David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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