A Walk Today

I took a walk today
under the clear blue sky
in the land of the free
that we so proudly call the USA,
where so many brave did die
so you and me
can enjoy what so many
beyond our shores
living under tyranny
can only hope to see
within the freedom of their secret dreams
and briefly escape
from the despair of their life's landscape.

And during my leisurely walk
I remembered my talk
with my grown boy
about when he was a Marine
fighting for America
in one of these sad lands
with blistering days and drifting sands.
Oh, did he see
what could not be
said to me.
Nor will his proud father ask again
about his days of war's burden.

Then as my walk came to end
I looked up at Old Glory
waving lightly in the breeze
in front of my home...
and said another silent prayer
of thanks to God
for troops like my son,
who will continue
to keep her flying high
above our great nation
regardless of what
they must endure
to do so!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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