Beat Of America's Heart

Country music represents
so much more than
an entertaining, emotional ride
of grabbing lyrics,
captivating sound of instruments,
wonderfully amazing vocals
and heartfelt story telling videos..
painting an American story
with each proudly performed song
since its birth...
growing in popularity
with each generation
enjoying legends like...
Arnold, Strait, Jones, Cline, Haggard, Cash,
Tillis, Jennings, Parton, Rogers, Campbell,
Twitty, Lynn, Rodgers, Williams, Price, Orbison,
Wynette, Acuff, Daniels, Pride, Gill, Tubb, Autry,
Brooks, McEntire, Nelson, Mandrell, Owens,
Gilley, Atkins, Rich, Oak Ridge Boys, Alabama...
and so many others deserving a mention
along with new great ones too.

Country music is the
beat of America's heart...
constantly pumping
pride of our beloved USA...
as shown in its historic collection of songs
and patriotic efforts of its artists!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

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