We are blessed each day
in what we can do
like being able to...

Call the USA
our country and homeland;
Play in the sand
whether in a yard, field, or at a beach;
Take a chance and reach
for the brass ring,
knowing it might lead to nothing;
Speak our mind
without having to hide behind
closed doors or whisper in one's ear
in fear
that we might disappear;
Worship as we choose
when others might lose
a hand
or more in another land.

America's freedom has blessed
us so much,
withstanding every perilous test,
and never wavering in its protective touch,
which has been borne by many valiant ones
with most being our beloved sons.

And it is for each us
to continue our blessed America's success,
standing united, proud, steadfast, and tall,
leaving no doubt for all
that She will never fall.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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