Christmas Time

It is Christmas time for the little child...

Snow flakes floating softly in the air,
the jingle of shiny bells,
dressing the tree with ornaments, tinsel and lights,
sitting on Santa's lap and whispering what is wanted,
excitement delaying the last night's sleep,
mom's waking voice announcing Santa’s visit,
running to see what lies under the decorated tree,
the happy smiles of delight at the gifts received,
giving mom and dad big hugs,
the wonderful dinner that follows,
the sharing of love throughout this special day,
dreaming of Santa's return next year,
and knowing he's watching if you will be good...

So, remember the little child in you
for the same is still true
during Christmas season
as the best reason
is those sweet years
that brought so many happy tears.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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