Citizens Like Us

Many of us call them dad or granddad,
Some are our moms and grandmas,
Then there are the daughters and sons,
Along with other relatives, friends, and neighbors.

They go on to live a citizen’s life,
just like the rest of us,
doing what the job requires,
whether it is...
the coach of the local high school team,
the doctor taking care of a little one,
the trucker picking up produce from a farmer,
the lawyer advising a small business owner,
the pilot safely landing the plane in a storm,
the plumber fixing a leaky pipe,
the accountant preparing a tax return,
the manager of a favorite store,
the firefighter in a collapsing WTC Tower,
the mechanic replacing the car's brakes,
the police officer or FBI agent busting a drug deal,
the older college student aided by the G.I. bill,
several U.S. Senators in a heated debate,
or the President of the United States.

All have worn their service’s uniform
with honor and pride for our country’s sake,
doing what was called upon
with some having
a limp, lost limb, or other earned scar.

They are our veterans,
who paved the way
for our troops serving now
and deserve
our unyielding praise and respect!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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