Expressing one's views for all to see and hear
remains a protected right that every American should hold dear
no matter if you strongly disagree
in what the message is trying to achieve.

Yet, there should be
times when love of our great country
should be the overriding force
in the "timing" of public discourse,
if the result could be national remorse.

And oh!
How it should always be so...
when our beloved troops are in harm's way!

It should then be about what "not to do or say"
that could otherwise sow seeds of doubt about the mission,
causing these valiant ones' morale to sway
and negatively impacting their readiness and disposition
to meet whatever deadly challenge that comes their way...
possibly leading to one or more's last day
with others suffering wounds or another life changing condition.

Yes, the freedom to say and do
has consequences beyond the "me and you"
and none more so than for those who are there for
the red, white, and blue ... and each of us in time of war,
willing to make a patriot's ultimate sacrifice
that should be valued beyond all price.

Let us never undermine nor neglect
all who deserve our full support and respect,
and why we are all here today
in what is and will forever be ... the USA!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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