Father and Son

A little boy looks at his daddy with love so deep,
Secure in the warmth of his smile and gentle hold,
With no doubt in the words conveyed,
Even if they sting for being corrected when wrong.

The process of being one's own man starts subtly as a teen,
With the desire to show and prove without help.
Yet, still wanting to be noticed of the good deed done.
And none more so than marrying the woman of his dream.

Their relationship continues to grow,
With the son becoming a father himself,
Both seeing the happiness in the other's eyes,
Especially when talking about the younger ones.

Now, blessed with being a grandfather too,
The son thinks about his dad with great fondness.
Thankful for all the years he has had with him,
Wishing that life had no earthly end.

Then wondering about his own sons,
He hopes that they too will have similar thoughts.
Of their father being there for them and their children,
Trying to do his loving best.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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