Founding Fathers Today

How wonderful it would be
to sit down with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin,
and the other Founding Fathers
to see what they would say
about how our beloved USA
has come to be today
from that very special day
after independence won,
when they penned, We The People,
establishing a freedom above all else
that has withstood all challenges,
even from within,
time and time again.

I can only imagine the prideful tears
streaming from their faces
upon hearing about
the so many brave fallen and wounded heroes
who gave all to safeguard and preserve
what they bestowed on July 4, 1776.

And oh, how they would be amazed
to learn about their America
reaching into the stars
and all else that has been achieved,
yet might not have been
without their noble historic time.

Nor could I easily explain
why some here express disdain,
even insulting what they did create...
with nothing worse
when it is all about political gain
that could cause a lasting stain.

Yet, they would quickly see
that there remains a proud majority
with a deep love of our great country
who will always be there
to honor what they began,
keeping the USA
the land of the free!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

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