God and Country

We must never forget
how those desperate few came from afar,
crossing an uncharted ocean in wooden ships,
risking all to start their lives again
in an untamed land
that allowed them the freedom
to express their faith in God.
They did so each day
as they toiled to survive
the harsh conditions of this new frontier,
thanking God for allowing them to be here,
and keeping Him always near
in their thoughts and hearts,
knowing even in the worse times and greatest fears
their belief in Him would persevere.
These are the ones
whose children and grandchildren
would one day take another stand
in their colonial homeland
for freedom's sake
that gave birth to our beloved USA.
So, think about where
our great country would be
without a faith in God
that began with those long ago,
and sustained strongly so
throughout Her glorious history
to this very day.
That is why
America is
and will always be
the land of the free,
deep rooted in
love of God and country! 



David G. Bancroft
Copyright 20
All Rights Reserved

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