What a beauty
Rose Heartdo I see
all the times
I look upon
as you go about
your own special way
reminding me...
of your mother
and my daughter...
still as pretty today,
as they were
when at your wonderful age
enjoying each day...
Rose Heartas you do now
with so many life experiences
yet to come...
hoping to be there for
my sweet granddaughter too...
wiser in age obtained
with love always deeply there
never abating
even from above
when it is my turn
to be with
our eternal Father!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2018
All Rights Reserved

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Author's Note:


GrandDaughter ... honors my lovely, caring granddaughter.

And while the poem is a message for her ... it is worded ... so many readers with a granddaughter not yet an adult ... can easily relate to it ... even sharing it with their granddaughter.

In fact, anyone who has a granddaughter should be able to visualize relative to their age now ... or back when.

Even the change of a few plural words to singular reference words makes the poem applicable to the other granddaughter relationship.


Grandsons ... reading this message should easily understand ... when thinking about how much you "really" love your mom ... as that same love will be for a daughter and/or granddaughter ... if blessed one day, accordingly!