Honoring The Fallen

I cannot help but think of those,
Whose anxious wait ended with a knock,
The wrenching ache felt deep down to the toes,
Knowing there was no more ticking for this clock.

Their brave loved ones served for our country's sake
Be it yesterday, today, and time yet known,
Giving it birth and to protect ... not take.
Their ultimate sacrifice shown.

The blinding tears of TAPS being played.
The overwhelming sadness of the colors given.
The proud thought of the difference made.
The final salute to the fallen . . . now in heaven.

And while there is a special day,
That we honor the memory of the gift they gave,
It should go well beyond a national thought in May,
Like every time when seeing the flag wave!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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