Life Lived

Born with untouched innocence,
In a country with liberty and justice for all,
Nurtured by parents who always answered my call,
Reaching adulthood with purpose and common sense,

Meeting my spouse with love so pure,
Never doubting, always there and sure,
Nourishing the ‘I Do’ that ties,
Easily seen in those caring eyes,

Experiences of warm tenderness felt,
The glorious gift of children and watching them grow,
The unconditional love of a grandchild that makes you melt,
The family being together since a long time ago,

Still reaching to complete the waking dream,
With words included in its theme,
Even through losses that bring a tear,
Remaining focused every year,

Buoyed by friendships that endure,
There for them with an open ear,
Relying on faith to guide when unsure,
And when confronting a fear,

Understanding that many still suffer from poverty and war,
Saddened by the limitations to do more,
Accepting that certain things were just meant to be,
Knowing that any day God could reach out to take me!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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