Love and Pride

Think about those victorious first ones
who took their gallant stand
against a mighty country once theirs,
knowing the deadly cost defeat would bring.

Think about the many going west
beyond America's first states,
living through untold hardships
and burying loved ones along the way
to settle the great land of liberty
that shines from sea to sea.

Think about the lush green fields
where children once played
being stained red by the blood
of many of these same young ones
against each other, even brothers,
to preserve a union born in 1776.

Think about all the great ones
who have enriched our lives
through their leadership, genius, and vision...
inspiring more like them
to do what is yet to come.

Think about those times when
our young brave of generations past and today
heard America's motherly call
to come to a friend's aid
and defend what the first ones gave us
with the Declaration of Independence.

Think about Old Glory
waving her red, white, and blue
above you with hand over heart,
being carried in the sure grip
of a valiant troop in harm's way,
and embracing a fallen hero's coffin.

Think about your
love and pride of the USA!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

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