My Loving Wife

My love for you has always been,
Secure in its place deep within,
Firmly gripping my heart with its root,
Never in doubt… always resolute,

You are my comfort,
Whether the times are good or bad,
Even showing your caring smile when sad,
With patience so enduring… never short.

Then there are the precious births of our children,
The greatest gifts for us to share,
How wonderful it has been to see them grow under our care,
And them giving us the pure joy of grandchildren.

I thank God for blessing me,
Especially for allowing me to walk life with you,
As all that has come since then would never be,
That defines me as your husband… and a father too.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003 / Video 2018
All Rights Reserved

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"My Loving Wife" is for every man in the USA and elsewhere who share or did share a caring, endearing, memorable and heartfelt relationship with that one person ... who never strayed in life's road together no matter what ... being wonderfully blessed ... and like me ... with kids and grandkids ... along the earthly journey together ... and sharing eternity too!