Oh America

Oh America, America!
I am so very proud to be
in the land of the free
to look up and see
Your red, white, and blue wave
that many of Your brave
fought and even went to their grave
so Old Glory would always remain
flying high above Your great domain.

Oh America, America!
I praise God for thee
that You are home for me...
where I can strive to be,
have my say,
choose where to pray,
and live each day
in my own way.

Oh America, America!
I pledge allegiance to You
for standing tall and true
in all that You have done
since independence won
to share freedom's light
with others suffering tyranny's plight
and coming to aid in a righteous fight.

Oh America, America!
I pray that God's grace
continues to embrace
You as freedom's foundation
and an inspiration
to the oppressed seeking salvation.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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