Old Glory

Oh, how I can see
your pride in our great country
when you look up to me
in song about the land of the free
or in pledge of allegiance
for all what She stands for
during peaceful times and in war,
on national holidays and every other day
that I wave ... representing the USA.

This great love is felt too
every time when my red, white, and blue
tenderly drapes the coffin of a brave loved one
whose young time was sadly undone
by taking the ultimate fall
to defend and preserve
America's way of life for all.

Nor can words express
the lifting of my stars and stripes
from its solemn embrace,
being folded and delivered
to the waiting hands of the one
who will forever look upon me
in loving memory
of the dear one lost.

I am Old Glory,
America's living history,
flying resolutely above,
sustained by your pride and love.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

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