Walking under the clear cool night sky
adorned with stars too many to count,
renews the thought
of one's being
and how all else came to be.

It is not doubt in the ONE,
but sheer wonderment
and immense satisfaction
of power supreme with love
beyond one's grasp.

A father of all
throughout HIS endless realm,
giving us a soul and free will
to question, succeed...
or even fail.

Listening to our words
of praise, doubt, fear, and worse,
always forgiving
upon remorse shown,
and rewarding eternal life
to the deserving.

Comforted in this reflection of what is,
it is hoped that others
will look beyond their earthly life,
and see the glory
of what will come...
being basked in the divine light of the ONE.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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