Uncommon Valor

The stroke of a pen
by several determined, just men
set an independent course
against a mighty force...
each to be unknown
or a Founding Father.

Surviving relentless hardships of a global depression
young and old answered another call
with so many taking the ultimate fall
to achieve a World War victory...
all deserving endearing thanks
and being reverently known
as the greatest generation.

The call to arms met again
for a war in Vietnam,
during a time when
politicians failed
all who served without defeat,
upholding the honor of those before them.

Coming to the aid of innocents in the Twin Towers,
knowing the ultimate risk,
the first responders did all they could
with a nation's gratitude for their noble efforts
and solemn thoughts for all the lost ones.

Young ones standing tall
after seeing the towers fall
going to war for our blessed USA
to avenge the innocent lives taken
and to bring freedom in the land of sand.

Oh, so many more Americans just like them
who have shown it in their deeds
with others unknowing of what lies within
until a national challenge calls for it...

Uncommon valor...

An American trait
that remains resiliently strong to this day!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved

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