We Are Their Parents

They are our daughters and sons
who we love dearly without pause,
volunteered for their own personal cause,
and are now answering the call this tearful day...
going into harm's way.

We are their parents,
who see in their eyes what they try to hide,
showing our heartfelt support and pride,
as we try to keep our own worries hidden deep inside.

They are our grown girls and boys,
who no longer play with dolls and toys,
trained to meet this war's test
giving only their very best
for us and all the rest.

We are the ones watching the news,
seeing others expressing their views
with some that cause so much pain,
especially when it is all about political gain
and pandering to certain groups
instead of showing full support of our children... everyone's troops.

They are our brave ones who we will always protect
against ill will and neglect,
wishing all in America would fully respect
their sense of duty to country
no matter where they might be,
as it is done in the name of liberty
and to keep each of us at home... safe and free!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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